27 years of pain, disability and disbelief

12 ticks were embedded in my shins on Midsummers day 1985. The fevers began 1 month later occurring every 4 to 6 weeks. For 19 years I suffered increasing debility and pain before I was diagnosed with Lyme by blood microscopy plus fluorescent antibody tests at a really high count. My Manchester GP had said in 1986 that ticks don’t carry disease so it was 4 years later when I finally got tested for Lyme by the NHS, in 1989, but it was negative of course. My marriage fell apart but I clung on to my job for 5 years, working overtime to make up for the many weeks off sick. Finally I lost my job, then my house had to be sold and I relocated to Suffolk still thinking I had ME ( ME patients are always being told that lots of us get better. More lies from the doctors I’m afraid.) I now live in rented social housing, totally dependent on the state, with my science and teaching skills all wasted. The GPs here refused to believe the positive Lyme tests I had in 2005, but gave me 2 years of doxycycline in case I had Ehrichiosis! That stopped the worst of the vertigo but I knew I needed other antibiotics as there was no improvement after the first 6 months. My life has been wasted and I’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel no pain or to be able to enjoy life. I feel so sharply the ignorance of doctors and consultants. The underhand dealings of the HPA and the Department of Health make me wonder how they can allow new victims to be infected each year that passes without warning signs being in every GP’s surgery. How can they ignore the 77 papers on persistence of Lyme infections, especially the Embers monkey study? How can they sleep at night?

Current Location: Norwich UK
Infected in: Applecross peninsula, North West Scotland