Alison G – Herefordshire

Despite multitude of strange symptoms for many years have always been a very outdoor, active person. Diagnosed initially with depression (GP favourite!) and then when it became apparent that many symptoms were physical with ME/CFS. Sudden dramatic upsurge of symptoms which were accompanied by a distinctive looking rash. I was still managing to stay reasonably active at this point until 2010 when another rash appeared on back of right thigh. Classic bulls eye rash which went undiagnosed. Eventually had an ELISA test which, naturally, proved to be negative. Worsening symptoms (almost to the point of incapacity) were blamed on stress due to my husband’s illness (Lymphoma). Eventually, fed up with the NHS, went private. A very convincing Western Blot was enough for my private doctor who prescribed Doxycycline. Immediate and dramatic improvement which unfortunately only lasted 6 months before relapsing again. Currently on Amoxycillin/Clarithromycin. Improved but some lingering symptoms convince me that possible co infections need treating particularly as trial periods off abx result in rapid relapse. Hoping to have the opportunity to try other meds – in the meantime it’s a case of soldiering on! I hate this disease!

Current Location: Herefordshire UK
Infected in: Herefordshire