Andrew – Devon

Bitten by ticks every year for 15 years without obvious problems until one got fastened on unseen for 24 hours in early 2011.  No rash, but a shed load of other symptoms developed including exhaustion, decline of cognitive function, weird crawling sensations, muscle pain and and cramps (almost always blow the waist).

Although I lived in a place where Lyme is well known I had the misfortune to be seen by two locums who tested for other things. It took me keeping a detailed diary, and suggesting Lyme as a possible cause, before it was confirmed by Western Blot blood test. My employer was sympathetic but I had to go part-time and eventually retire.

Over the next 2 years, after many courses of increasingly strong, and longer, doses of Doxycycline I was prescribed three different antibiotics which I took continuously for 9 months – all of which were “off the chart” in terms of recommended standard NHS treatment for Lyme.

Now I consider myself 90/95% well; I don’t think about Lyme every day, or see it behind every illness that comes along, but I had to work very hard to get this far and remain both vigilant and grateful for the support of the Lyme community and organisations like LDA.

Current Location: Devon – UK
Infected in: Scottish Highlands – UK