Anita Nath

Returned to the UK after a break in the Ariege region of SW France. Whilst on holiday felt flu-like symptoms, searing back pain, unable to sleep properly, rash – all over body, like red pimples. Got anti-histamine treatment from local pharmacy – rash disappeared after a couple of days. Then on final day of hol, got swollen hands, couldn’t walk properly or raise arms. Saw my GP on return, very lucky to have seen one that recognised this as possible Lymes. Am on a 6 week course of Erythromycin. My son has had similar symtoms and is also being treated with antibiotics. I know we are lucky to have got this treatment. Both of my blood test results have returned negative yet even whilst on antibiotics I am still experiencing swelling in hands and reactive arthritis sensations in joints. Scary situation for all esp as there is no vaccination. Read that in USA docs believe that getting antibiotics into someone that has been bitten within 72 hrs of bite prevents full-blown Lymes from developping. Same should apply here.

Current Location: Birmingham, UK
Infected in: Les Cabannes, Ariege, SW France