Anne T – Scotland

I’ve just finished 20 days of antibiotics for suspected Lyme Disease. I was bitten on the back of my thigh on a farm in NE Scotland after cutting grass. I felt a rubbery-like lump while showering, and pulled it off, then discovered it was a well-inflated tick, head intact.

My partner monitored the bite site every couple of days, looking for a bullseye ring or inflammation, but it just remained red and compact without changing. 3 weeks after the bite, I developed a sudden fever for 24 hours, then the next day my right knee swelled up massively and stiffened up, then the day after my left knee did the same, so going up and down stairs was difficult and painful.

At the same time I had headaches, then shooting pains developed in my ankles. The Doctor in Germany (we were on holiday in the Black Forest by then) prescribed 20 daily 200mg doxycyclin antibiotics, and most of the swelling and knee pain was gone in 4 days.

The ankle pain gradually diminished over the 3 weeks. The headaches came and went, along with acute attacks of nausea and a chronic grumbling digestive system, and a complete lack of energy and inability to concentrate. The latter may have been due to the treatment, as they got worse as the treatment continued (and are ongoing … but will hopefully improve rapidly now that the course of antibiotics has finished). Hopefully the rapid diagnosis and treatment will have killed the bacteria.

Back in the UK, I visited my own doctor, who agreed that it sounded like Lyme Disease, arranged a blood test (I don’t know which one), which came back negative 2 weeks later. It was clear that he thought this was definitive, so when I asked what else could have caused those symptoms, he said any number of viruses, but didn’t give specifics!

Current Location: Farm, Aberdeenshire
Infected in: Farm, Aberdeenshire