B in Derby

Was referred to cardiologist who found a pericardial effusion and suspected TB. Referral to TB Clinic twice and doctors came to the conclusion that TB was very unlikely. I was discharged by the cardiolgist after 12 months without a diagnosis. GP didn’t know what to do and prescribed diayepam. I consulted a physician abroad and a blood test was Lyme positive. I was also seen by a cardiologist who found that the pericardial effusion had not cleared up. After presenting the blood test result to my GP he referred me to ID. ID consultant found evidence of neurological damage and insisted on a referral to a cardiologist who knows nothing about Lyme because consultant thinks my cardio-vascular problems may have nothing to do with Lyme. It took a further 6 months to get IV antibiotics for 4 weeks. Follow-up appointment 3 months after end of treatment. Within a week after end of treatment I deteriorated rapidly. Consulted a docotr abroad and treatment is going to start as soon as the blood test result (co-infections) is available. It has cost me a lot of money so far and will cost a lot more as IĀ“have no private health insurance.
I felt that nobody was in any hurry and that I was not going to get any help. Had I not taken matters into my own hands, Lyme would have never been diagnosed.

Current Location: Derby
Infected in: Not known