Barney Brig, Cleveland, UK.

Bitten on holiday in Grenada in March 2008. Developed a 70mm bull’s-eye mark on left ankle. Cause of bite not known, either mosquito, sandfly, unknown bug, or tick. Showering 2 or 3 times daily, no indication of a clinging tick.

On return G.P. prescribed antiseptic cream for bite mark.  Mark lasted until December that year! Muscle ache in legs, arms and neck developed, with extreme fatigue. Leg aches caused a drunken-like stagger when walking.  Very high blood pressure with high ESR (over100), loss of appetite and weight loss of 2 stones. Urine test indicated a bladder infection treated with antibiotics only to return after completing repeated courses. High white blood cell count and low B-12.  Also, at times, utter confusion and short term memory loss. Referred to local Acute Assessment Centre, chest Xray, MRI scan, ultrasound scan showed nothing unusual.

Today, after 5 years, prescriptions are limited to treatment of the symptoms, blood pressure and bladder infection, the muscle ache, light-headedness and recurring bladder infection with occasional steroids, but no attempt to find a common source. The problem is made much worse by the frustration, and lack of desire to make any long term plans, a destruction to the quality of life!!!

Current Location: Teesside, UK
Infected in: Grenada, West Indies