Belinda – Surrey

I initially had a row of bites just above my waistband and a few in another line on my right groin. They looked like mosquito bites and I hoped they weren’t bed bugs as we’d stayed the night in a hotel.

Two days after the bites, two on my belly were larger, pinker and clearly more inflamed so I went to the GP who prescribed antihistamine and Eurax cream.

One week after being bitten, the two bad bites had grown considerably to 5.5cm and 7cm respectively. They were warm to the touch and one had started tracking, I also felt ‘funny’ and had a mild temperature so I went to the 24 hour Nurse unit at the Croydon Mayday hospital where I was diagnosed with cellulitis and prescribed flucloxacillin.

On returning from hospital I showed my adult son the bites and he suggested (on the basis of watching several episodes of House) that they looked like the classic target rash of Lyme disease. Several Google hours later and I was convinced enough to check with the out of hours GP centre where I was prescribed 2 weeks of Doxycyclin as a precaution.

As a precaution I began taking a number of herbs to help reduce the risk of infection.

Two months after being bitten a sample of my blood was sent to Porton Down and came back positive for Borrelia Afzelli.  Repeat blood test in February 2013 was also positive.

Current Location: Carshalton, Surrey
Infected in: Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire – September 2012