Beware of hedgehogs!

I caught Lyme in November 2011 from a hedgehog tick in my own garden. I had never even heard of Lyme Disease before that time.
The hedgehog looked ill, so I checked the internet on how to help it – none of the websites I looked at mentioned ticks nor warned of Lyme Disease. I put the hedgehog in a box with hay but it died within a day. About 6 days later I developed a huge red bite – very, very itchy and painful – which became the typical bulls eye rash. It took another 7 days to get a doctor’s appointment – by then I suspected Lyme (I had looked up symptoms). My GP prescribed 2 weeks doxycycline. The bite became worse and I was prescribed erthromycin as well. I had severe headaches, felt confused and dizzy, had ‘electric shock’ type feelings in my heart when about to fall asleep – typical Lyme symptoms – it was so frightening. My doctor was really nice – but admitted she had never seen Lyme before. I was referred to a ‘specialist’ (?!) – and on each visit she kept saying that 2 weeks doxycline should have ‘cured the symptoms’. On one of my visits to the specialist I had pins and needles in my lower legs (this had been constant for about 3 weeks) – I knew this must be Lyme symptoms, but she said it could be from stress. She was very dismissive of my symptoms.
I had read the Burrascano report which disagreed with all her ‘knowledge’ – so I argued my case and managed to get almost 3 months worth of antibiotics. I hope it was enough.
I suffered air hunger and intermittent pins and needles for months afterwards, and still do sometimes. Despite all my symptoms being absolutely typical of Lyme Disease – my specialist kept telling me I had not tested positive for Lyme. The fact is (as is well known to anyone well read on Lyme), the blood tests are notoriously unreliable and, in my case, were done at the wrong time according to all sources I had read.
I still have Lyme related symptoms – I wish they had prescribed antibiotics until a month after the symptoms ended (as advised by Burruscano) – but they wouldn’t. The specialist in my case did not inspire any confidence.

Current Location: Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Infected in: Rotherham (in my garden)