Carol Allett France

My brother – who is now 78 years old – was stricken with this terrible disease 3years ago. We thought he was having/had a stroke as one side of his face became paralysed and one side of his body. We rushed him to his doctor who in turn telephoned the local hospital and he was rushed there within 30 minutes. When we arrived the consultant was waiting for him on the ward. They gave him an MRI scan that evening; the next morning he was given a lumber punch. They eliminated a stroke. The consultant asked him if he was a “hunter” or had come in contact with a deer recently. We were confused as to why these weird questions were being asked – but they made further tests and confirmed that he had contracted Lyme disease. All if this was within HOURS of first seeking medical help. My brother was kept in hospital over just over a week, receiving intense drug therapy. He was then sent home and was attended every day by a local nurse who administered intravenous antibiotics for 4 weeks at home. The after effects of Lyme disease have left him more fatigued then before- and “feeling his age” (until then he was extremely active for his age), but at least it was diagnosed quickly and treated with the same urgency. We are just lucky we live in FRANCE.

Where we live in France the occurrence of Lyme disease is quite rare. There was only one other person diagnosed in the past few years.

Sadly, I feel quite strongly that had we still been living in the UK (where, perversely, Lyme disease is more common), my brother would not be with us today. That can only be a negative indictment of the NHS and what it has become. There are certainly lessons here that the NHS must address

Current Location: Brittany, France
Infected in: Brittany, France