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I saw a skin specialist about…oh yunno i can’t remember…maybe six or seven or 8 years ago…it’s all a blur all the doctors for ME and cancer and diabetes over the years…anyway i’d had these great big ‘bullseye rash across my chest…went to GP and he sent me to specialist who took one look and said it looked like Lyme…he took blood test but admitted that NHS test is rubbish and it would come back negative but gave me some antibiotics…I have a feeling they were either doxycycline or tetracycline…but tbh I am not 100%

he said go and take those for two weeks if it goes away then it is Lyme…no follow up or nothing. So i went away…took them and within a few days the rash disappeared…i’d had it for many months by then…days! gone! I’ve had several re-emergence of rash over the years…some on my legs, some on upper arm and on chest again.

the strange thing I always hark back to is that when I went in for hysterectomy I was put on IV antibiotics and I swear i felt wonderful, mind you I was also on heperin injections and also extra oxygen (anaethetist was brilliant listening about my concerns with anaethetic, morphine pain relief and ME…so gave me several days of oxygen) So it could realistically have been either of those too.

Anyhow 15 years on still with a diagnosis of ME…I know I still have Lyme or both…I have no idea. I can’t afford tests or private doctors etc

i live in the Scottish Borders and kept goats for over twenty years…ticks all the time on them and dogs. I don’t actually remember being bitten myself but it’s not something I worried about back then being really fit and healthy.

I meant to say…that immediately after major surgery I was better than I had been for years…walking around the ward…doing all the exercise I was told to do to prevent DVT etc…I was energised by something they gave me or it’s reaction to whatever it is that inside me making me ill.

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