Catherine, Hampshire

In 2000 I got a rash on my leg, I wasn’t aware of a bite. It was diagnosed by a doctor as cellulitis, I was given a week of flucloxacillin and the rash went away. I felt fine. A couple of months later I developed a very high temperature for 7 days, couldn’t eat, I felt very unwell and was hospitalised. Initially I received IV antibiotics for a couple of days but my high temperature did not budge so the antibiotics were stopped, after a while I recovered.Diagnosis was perhaps a viral illness

Suddenly in late summer/autumn 2003 I got very sick, felt nausoeus, lost 3 stone in weight and was admitted to hospital again, no diagnosis was made but I seemed to slowly recover after antibiotics.I had received a tick bite in a school field sports day earlier on that summer, no rash.By 2004 I was very fatigued, told I maybe had lupus or a connective tissue disorder but later tests for these diseases were negative- I had many strange symptoms- heart palpitations, strange twistings and crampings in my gut, numbness and tingling in arm and left side of face. I asked if it could be Lyme disease and was told no by a doctor, no Lyme test was done.The symptoms continued for a while then disappeared again.

2007 my symptoms all came crashing back, I had received a further tick bite in my garden.This time the fatigue was dreadful, I used to fall asleep for hours every evening after bouts of chills.Lyme was raised as a potential diagnosis again by a doctor friend. So, I had some private Lyme tests done which were positive from 2 different labs in the US and Germany. Since then I have been in Lyme treatment privately, the NHS have refused to help me.I am slowly recovering.

Current Location: Hampshire UK
Infected in: Hampshire UK