CF – Ashdown Forest, East Sussex

I was bitten in the garden, which borders the Ashdown Forest. Woke up the next morning with one heck of a ‘mosquito’ bite, which didn’t go away over the next few days – instead it became hot and itchy. Then a small circular yellow bruise appeared and we sent a photo to my brother in law – a skin specialist.

We all agreed it looked like a tick bite so the next day I went to the hospital in East Grinstead. The nurse said she’d seen plenty of tick bites and what I had definitely wasn’t one – because it hadn’t reached the official red bullseye stage! I went straight to my GP who diagnosed Lyme disease immediately. He prescribed me 14 days of doxycycline 200mg.

I went home, did some research and went straight back, armed with BURRASCANO’s Lyme guide to show the GP the recommended dosage and treatment length. Five weeks later I am back gardening, swimming and walking up the escalators in the train. Something that would be impossible if I’d only had the standard 2 weeks of antibiotics.