Chronic Lyme diesase IS affecting my quality of life

Bitten 5yrs ago (on stomach), EM rash dx’d as Ringworm! Rw treatment didn’t work!! Fluy n noticed I began to get dry/sore eyes n halos around bright lights too, otherwise seemed not too ill! Oct 2010-Jan 2011, wheat intolerance that not been dx’d until it became allergy, cut wheat/gluten n 20yrs of IBS vanished in 3days!.
..2011 noticed ‘scab’ on a mole, right hand (was . sized tick), rash/bite marks on legs, index finger base joint swelled, turned purple, next months new finger joints affected, Hot, swollen, purplish and painful, mentioned the bites, but dxd Wear n Tear arthritis n told have2 live with it!
…More typical lyme (n co-infection) symptoms arrived some 60+, fast heart, gasping for breath, walking on glass feeling in mornings, limb swelling, heat/cold/light/sound intollerances, neuroBor symptoms n worsen eye problems.
…..then dx’d Narrow Angles Glaucoma early 2012 n treated, but sore eyes persisted (MGD dx June2013), finally saw Rhuemie spring 2012, bloods= positive n equivical lyme!, had month doxy, by week3-small improvements in all symptoms, the 20+yrs numb toes, feeling returned!

Course ended n in days heading back down hill, thought maybe reaction to coming off doxy. But old symptoms returned, progressed n toes numbness returned 🙁 Got more antibios doxy n metronzl, metronzl saw bigger improvements, but again hopes got dashed of recovery, as symptoms returned when course ended.

Now dispite having ‘exactly same symptoms’ as before meds, I’ve been told its now become CFS, I’m not convinced, CFS stories I can’t relate to n barely fits 20% of my symptoms. but Chronic Lyme, wish at first I disbelieved exhisted, I fit the profile/symptoms and for several co-infections at like 95%, I believe CLD exhists now! but dispite everything being the same as before, I am now being expected to believe that my symptoms once dx’d as Lyme have suddenly changed into Chronic fatigue? that just sounds so illogical!!!….I want to know whats being covered up!

Current Location: Northampton UK
Infected in: Allotments (both bites) Northampton UK