Classic Bulls Eye rash,symptoms and a Blind G.P.

Got bitten in July.2009 in The Fylde .Had all the symptoms of Lymes. Saw G.P. and was given a week of Amoxicillin as a ‘precaution’Felt rather poorly even after the antibiotics. Symptoms got worse-lots of them.!!Chronic fatigue,headaches,nausea,I.B.S.tinnitus,back pain,intolerance to lots of foods.etc. then got heart arythmias,eye problem,tendinitis’s,facial neuralgia, and insomnia Nearly 4yrs,I am no better with the addition of Arthritis- like symptoms.Seen Consultants for C.F.S. Rheumys for Lupus and Infectious Diseases-no diagnosis. G.P.says there is nothing he can do!?

Current Location: Poulton le Fylde
Infected in: Lancashire. Out with Dog