Consequences of not being taken seriously

First I was unwell for weeks, didn’t get better, then I had what the doc called a chest infection, then Bell’s Palsy, then double Long Distance vision. When my doc suggested I was getting one thing after another, I told him I felt this was all one illness and was not getting better. I was tested for LD and had 2 weeks Doxy. antibiotics and no further treatment.

For several years I was unable to even walk around the supermarket, had pains in joints. GP was dismissive, knee x-ray and I was told that I was getting older and that I probably had osteoarthritis but not bad enough for knee replacement. When I said I had pain in my hip, I was told to make my mind up where I had pain and this put me off saying I had pain in my hands.

Now I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am sero negative and diagnosis was made by detecting inflammation in my hands through ultrasound. RA is commonly caused by LD and I feel that all of it took too long to diagnose. By the time I was tested for LD, I had a strong response to the test and the ultrasound for RA only after deformation of the proximal finger joint and years of joint pain.