Dan Hickson – Cheshire

Went on holiday had several insect bites. 3 weeks later started to experience severe neurological symptoms which then developed into every possible symptom you can think of from vision loss to joint pain over a few weeks.

Around 20 gp visit and 2 A and E visits i was diagnosed with migraines despite my objection.

Changed GP and he admitted me to hospital twice only to be head scanned and sent home as my bloods and results were normal.

I paid a small fortune to get my my blood tested here in the UK for lymes and then to a lab in Germany. Both came back borderline lymes and an active mycoplasma and coxsackie virus.

My GP disregarded my results and I was sent to an infectious disease specialist in liverpool. The professor didnt even look at my German results. Said its unlikely to be an infection and just get on with life. Beyond a joke.

4 months on and no diagnosis or treatment from the NHS. I am having to risk taking antibiotics from abroad and taking them myself through researching dosage ect.