Des from Halifax

I got bitten by a Tick while working as a self employed landscape Gardner in September 2010, I was on a job at Ogden Halifax, the job was to trim a lorral hedge which was about 15 foot high, while trimming above head hight the leaves was falling on me I felt a nip on my back I took no notice 2 or 3 days latter I rememberd about it so went to A&E the nurse had a pull at the Tick it would not let go so she got a Dr he pulled it still would not let go, so he let go and got a skalpull and pulled it again and cut it free thus leaving some of the Tick in me, the nurse put a iodine dressing on and gave me the Tick in a specemin container saying to me if I get ill to take it to my GP to get it tested, I started to get ill 2 or 3 weeks later so I went to GP he gave me one week antibiotic they didnt do much so I went back to GP he gave me another week of antibiotic that didnt do much, long story short I got taken into Hospital October 2011 must have had every test going plus Lyme test witch came back neg, all together I think I must have had 3 or 4 NHS Lyme test all neg, so I went privet first I was clinicly diagnosed positive so I got 3 month antibiotic they didnt work untill the last 2 or 3 week, so I went about 3 month after end of the 3 month course of antibiotic, got ill again my gp was dowtting it was Lyme so I had blood sent to USA for test it came back positive so I got another 3 month antibiotics, then a 3 month course of homeapathic im still not much better, in a nut shell I lost my helth my business my partner all my savings now i am selling my house to pay for privert treatment.

Current Location: halifax uk
Infected in: Ogden Halifax uk