Elliot, Hampshire

My then 12 year old son got very sick suddenly in the summer of 2009. He had sweats/ flu like symptoms for about a week and then developed a Bell’s Palsy- we were not aware of a tick bite and there was no rash. The NHS said maybe Lyme or viral infection and he was given 2 weeks of amoxicillin.The Bells Palsy cleared in 2 weeks but my son continued to feel unwell. New, strange symptoms developed. He suddenly started to twitch a lot and having episodes of confusion.He was tired and looked very pale.My once confident son now became fearful in crowds which was totally out of character for him.We went back to the NHS for further help as he was still unwell but they dismissed our concerns. By this point we realised we were not going to get any further help from the NHS for his Lyme symptoms, despite the fact his NHS ELISA test for Lyme had come back highly positive, so there was no doubt about the Lyme diagnosis. We had also realised by this time that there were no specialist/ experienced paediatric Lyme doctors, NHS or private in the UK. We headed to the US to find such a specialist. We were told by the US specialist that my son had a tick borne infection in his brain and ideally needed IV antibiotics.We tried to organise this with the NHS but with no success.We continued to treat him privately in line with the US Specialists care and my son’s confusion slowly disappeared

In 2013, my son has now just finished 3 years of private therapy for his Lyme disease- he seems well.

Current Location: Hampshire UK
Infected in: Hampshire UK