Fiona and her strange mix of infections

Hi I got bitten in June 1996 somewhere near Shropshire. I had the classic EM rash and also classic symptoms. My GP asked me if I’d been to the new Forest and when I said no he sent me for Glandular Fever test which was negative. My symptoms were very much cylical and I could work out when i was going to be ill beacuse a pattern developed. In 2006 i was diagnosed by Dr Andrew Wright and started Abx. My symptoms went only to come back relentlessly. I have tested negative with the NHS but positive by MELISA for the UK strains of the disease. Oddly enough i also test positive for Babessia Microti which is not endemic to the UK.
How did i end up with British Lyme and USA Babessia???
I have not been allowed to have an NHS test for Babesia even though I have a positive IFAT which is the same serolgoical blood test they use in London. Why dont the NHS want to test me for my non endemic co-infection!!!

Current Location:
Infected in: Shropshire