Hazel in Hertfordshire

I caught Lyme disease from a tick in my back garden in Welwyn, Hertfordshire. We had a visit from a deer that morning. The tick was burrowed into my elbow. It couldn’t have been there more than 30 minutes. I tried to pull it out with my finger, (don’t do that!) After a couple of days I felt ill. Headache, flu like fatigue, temperature. After 10 days I had an EM rash, a banging headache , stiff neck, slowed cognitive ability, brainfog, short term memory loss, word drop, muscle twitches, fatigue . I rang NHS Direct. I described the red bullseye rash. They said, “You need to go to Urgent Care, that’s not good”. I saw a nurse. She said, “Wow! I’ve never seen anything like that before.” She referred me to the GP. He said, “It’s an infected insect bite. I’ve seen loads of these. They go away in a week or so.” He wouldn’t give me antibiotics or anything else. How many people has he condemned? I went fully armed with an EM rash and Lyme disease information from the internet to the second Dr. He said, “It looks like you could have it”. Gave me the wrong antibiotics. I reacted to them badly. The next Dr. took some convincing. I had taken a picture of the rash. He looked at my research and laughed, “Oh, they even have their own action group!” I showed him the NHS guidelines. He looked it up while I was in the room and put me on 4 weeks of Doxycyclin. Sent me for the blood test, NEGATIVE! I reacted to Doxy. A bright red photosensitive sunburned face, even though I used factor 50 sun block. I went on the internet and Googled “Lyme specialist Hertfordshire” It was a 3 week wait to see Dr Daymond (now retired) at Breakspear in Hemel. He put me on combination pulse therapy. I have been on oral antibiotics 2 1/2 years. Yes, I am the exception to the rule! My current GP is very supportive. My private consultant prescribes and my NHS Dr supplies. I have tried stopping antibiotics. I relapsed within 10 days each time. Still got Lyme! MELISA test said POSITIVE 3 strains and active. Even on my antibiotics, I have had my gallbladder and thyroid destroyed by Lyme. I have chronic fatigue. I felt so ill I wrote my will. I’ve been too ill to do my job for 6 months, I work as science teacher. I have been on IV antibiotics now for 10 weeks. I am getting better, I can walk! I have another few weeks, then I’m going to do 12 weeks IM Penicillin. I just don’t absorb enough oral antibiotics to kill it! I have had to pay for my IV and IM treatment. GP says the cost is prohibitive. It’s really expensive, the first quote was £35K! We had to remortgage our home. But I am well enough to protest, SO LETS GO! This treatment should be paid for by the NHS! We are ill and it is treatable! Good luck with your fight!

Current Location: Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK”
Infected in: Welwyn, Hertfordshire, UK”