Helen Harvey 16 years of lyme

Western Australia 1997 age 22 had bullseye rash (thought it was sand flies at the time). Then flu symptoms &’massive lymph nodes and vomiting for 2 weeks. Felt better & continued travels. Insomnia started few months later & Depression anxiety social phobia acne and rage on returning to Uk. Thought was grief from recent bereavement. Throughout 20’s had insomnia and anxiety/depression, floaters in eyes and the pain started. All down right side of body. Tinnitus started, alcohol intolerance, metallic taste, twitching. Just lived like this. Then first pregnancy & complications, 6 stone & excess fluid. Postnatal anxiety,(drugs started) terrible pain, fatigue and tinnitus. Second pregnancy- unexplained complications – docs threw diabetic drugs and antidepressants at the problems , huge blood loss at delivery, – lyme clearly took over. Since then v ill – chronic fatigue, muscle pain, anxiety depression awful, tinnitus, sinisitus, thrush teeth wobbling, feet tingling, dizzy, fainting… Doctors say just postnatally depressed. Fought for 3 yrs for Fibro diagnosis. Realise through own research it’s lyme as rash in oz exactly lyme . Docs do test & neg. not interested in any further testing. Amazed at the ignorance of doctors. Have found homeopathy And liver flushing and recovering . Finally have hope! Think defund child has lyme as autistic.

Current Location: Ashtead surrey
Infected in: Western Australia