HPC – Northamptonshire

This fast growing global epidemic – Lyme disease (borreliosis), and its many co-infections, is as devastating and disabling as a HIV infection, and in many cases as difficult to cure. The situation is like with HIV/Aids in the 1980’s.

After having been undiagnosed and untreated for over ten years, I’m currently unable to drive, work, have a social life or hobbies, or even walk for a longer time – if my children were any younger I would be unable to look after them. But, can you imagine the horror, if I went to donate blood, my blood would be accepted!

Where was I infected? Highly likely in one of the Nordic countries, but could also be while walking daily in Richmond Park for three weeks in 1998, or when living in Woking/Surrey, or while in France, Italy, Spain, US Grand Canyon, Russia, Baltic Countries…

Lyme disease is caused by bacteria, but I would also like to warn people about tick born encephalitis (TBE)which is caused by a virus – there is a vaccine (3 separate injections) against TBE which should be highly recommended to all who intend to travel to Nordic countries.

Current Location: Northamptonshire, UK
Infected in: South of Finland