James Adlington Porlock Somerset

Around 6 years ago I was bitten (for the hundred or so time) bvy a tick this one was on my stomach. I noticed it in the shower and pulled it off, I noticed a red ring around the bite. The ring grew until it was about 300mm dia all over my body. I stupidly did not go to the doctors, as I had been bitten by tick many times over the years living where I do. My life following the experience above slowly got smaller and smaller. I was a kick boxing instructor, fitness trainer, runner, along with running my own businesses, in Bristol and Porlock employing over 20 people. I became more and more unwell until around 2 years ago I collapsed at work unable to go on. I had numerous tests which showed various abnormalities in my blood, I did mention the big red mark after that tick bite but the test came back negative. I was given a course of antibiotics for an infection and my symptoms improved considerably and quickly.

I am still unable to do a lot of things such as training, running etc as my hands, legs and feet suffer from chronic neurological pain. I also suffer from extreme debilitating fatigue if I over exert myself. I also get bouts of acute pains and fatigue where all I can do is lay down for several days until it passes. I am able to work only a few days a week and I am in constant pain. The NHS will not test me further for Lymes as they say that they have already ruled this out.

I know in my heart that it is Lymes that I am suffering from, I also know it was my own fault not seeking treatment at the time, but the NHS tells me that my symptoms are not imagined as my bloods show CPK levels up to 710 (Norm 60-70) indication of something not right, but all the doctors I have consulted with have little or no knowledge of lymes . I have been told of a clinic in Holland that does a better test for Lymes would it be worth a visit?

Current Location: porlock somerset
Infected in: exmoor