Jan Cunningham Worcester Park, Surrey

Four Years Suffering With Lyme’s and My Search for Successful Treatment Still Continues

65 years old. 2010 a tick bite locally somewhere, I ignored it. Next got a Baker’s Cyst on the knee which burst. Had to walk with a stick. Endocrinologist spotted “trail of a past virus” but did not know what it was. Then got FIVE more bullseye bites in 2012 around waist and on thighs. Took photos for GP and was referred to specialist; finally diagnosed end 2012 with Lyme’s after ELISA and Western Blot tests. 3rd lot of antibiotics prescribed – doxycycline – 2 x 2 weeks from GP and 1 x 3 weeks from specialist. Improvements each time, but symptoms never entirely eradicated and recently in 2014 are getting worse again. Now referred to Hospital for Tropical Diseases in London and hoping for IV treatment and long term antibiotics to get rid of all the pain in my body and the daily exhaustion so I can have my life back. Life totally taken up with fighting symptoms, fighting for good treatment and trying to lead some kind of normal life. Can no longer walk far without pain, let alone ski, which I once liked to do

Current Location: Worcester Park, Surrey
Infected in: my garden (foxes) and/or Esher Common in Surrey/Richmond Park