Jane from Connecticut

I started getting headaches first then leg pains and nausea back in the late 80’s. By 1991 I had knee pain so I couldn’t bend my knees. My MD gave me an antidepressant because I had been divorced. I continued with nausea headaches diarrhea then a swollen hand. Diagnosed with Lupus,no treatment. Then debilitating vertigo head fullness neck pressure nausea fatigue,neck stiffness,sore bottoms of feet. Had 4 bands on lyme western blot. Had IV rocephin for 5 weeks vertigo was some better but fatigue was so bad I could not get up to use bathroom or stand to take shower. I missed a lot of work and was a successfull ICU nurse. I continued with vertigo and diagnosed with menier’es disease valium helped some. I kept trying to work holding on to the counters in the ICU and looking for trash cans everywhere I was. I tried to be “normal ” but wasn’t. I even got married but could not go on a real honeymoon because I could not be in moving objects. I suffered constantly. I had a little girl in 2000 difficult pregnancy with diabetes and always infections but she was okay. I was on and off antibiotics had 3 months of rocephin and claforin before pregnancy just got worse pain in my toes like cold numbness started from 1992 up my legs slowly,extreme pain. I had pain in every joint and severe fatigue. Sometimes I was told lupus sometimes lyme.I had another girl in 2003 no problems. I breastfed both and was worried but not sure.I worked in the ER the next 8 years as my life fell apart and the leg pain became unbearable. I was divorced and was working full time and my middle daughter had lyme symptoms without telling me my ex waged a campaign to take my children by using the controversial lyme. I lost my 2 youngest daughters with only supervised visits 1 1/2 hrs a week for 2 years. The judge did not allow the lyme doctors to speak only the doctor who was paid by the court to say the child never had lyme. I was helpless and because of the stress I am sicker and now I have no job,no marriage,no kids,no health,no purpose,no hope. My hope lies in Jesus Christ who will somehow bring me out of this. But if Lyme had been understood I believe none of this would have happened. I have bartonella,lyme,babesiosis.Its caused neuropathy,encephalopathy,hypercoagulation. I suffer constantly and alone with pain everywhere in my body.I have had positive lyme tests on and off. My whole adult life has been destroyed by this disease.

Current Location: wilton,ct
Infected in: wilton,ct or rye , ny