Janice Haddon, My journey through Lyme

I have been ill over the last 18 months. It took 10 months for a diagnosis. I underwent several tests through the Hospital for Tropical Diseases and Lyme Disease was never mentioned. After being admitted to hospital in September 2015 as my legs had gone numb, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Central Sensitivity Syndrome, Migraine and a host of other immune problems. It was after reading an article on Lyme a few weeks later, that I insisted on being tested. My NHS test came back negative. I had to get my blood tested in a German lab to get an accurate diagnosis. The result is I have Chronic Lyme Disease and a host of other co-infections.

Lyme Disease for me is constant pain in my muscles and joints. My legs and arms feel like they are on fire from the inside and I have tingling and numbness on a daily basis. I have severe neck pain where some days I can’t even hold my head up. Migraine headaches, blurred vision and brain fog, mean I can’t concentrate. I wake up every night between 4 and 10 times with the pain. Lack of quality sleep contributes to the extreme fatigue that I have on an ongoing basis. Most days I cannot even leave the house.

Over two months of antibiotics made me worse, so I had to stop taking them. I am not sure where I picked this up as never got the bullseye rash. My doctor now thinks I have had Lyme for a number of years as I have had bouts of illness with lesser symptoms.

I am now charting my way back to health through my blog (www.thriveinlifeblog.com). I am using my food as my medicine as well as supplements to deal with all of the co-infections I have and an immune system that has turned on itself. I am determined to find a way out of this.

This is the most debilitating illness and needs serious attention from the authorities in the UK and around the world, to get accurate testing and treatment. We need a cure.