JG Guildford

This time last year I was a fit and healthy woman, working full time and walking 20 – 30 miles each week. I visited my GP in May 2011 with the classic bullseye rash, flu-like symptoms, constant headache and dizziness. After 2 further visits I got a blood test for Lyme which came back negative. I was told to drink more water and was offered antidepressants.
Nine months later I’m still officially undiagnosed, and feeling worse. My current symptoms are weird and scary. They include severe fatigue, chest pain, random spectacular drops in blood pressure, crawling sensation deep in the ears, hair loss and anhedonia.
If it’s Lyme, it’s got my brain and I need it back.
I have an appointment next week to get tests done privately in the US. If it comes back positive I’m hoping that will convince my GP to prescribe antibiotics but I believe the best chance of beating the illness has already been lost, because it’s too late.

Current Location: Woking, Surrey
Infected in: North Downs near Guildford