JMG – Glasgow

Infected in Argyll, Scotland 5 years ago . No rash .Flu symptoms followed by aura migraine one month later together with full tonic-clonic seizure. Brain scan ok . Told a one-off. Each month following developed shingles,Bell’s Palsy(lasting 2 months),Phrenic nerve in diaphragm froze (3 months) making it difficult to breath, terrifying aura migraines (lest leading to seizure again which one did). Up until then healthy and said to GP there had to be a common cause ,he said ” No, you are just an unfortunate patient ” ! Odd nervous system symptoms for nearly a year . Read about Lyme . Went to GP for test . He told me I didn’t have it . His only reason no rash . Rash I know not a necessary result . I had to forcefully INSTRUCT him to test . He was surprised at result ! Put me on oral antibiotics but Neurologist put me on to infectious disease unit and intravenous antibots for 6 weeks. Apart from occasional aura migraines (every 4 months ) am ok . Incidentally Lyme can be a cause of Bell’s Palsy . I wrote to Consultant suggesting that should any patient present in the future with Bell’s he should have them tested for Lyme . No response .

Current Location: Glasgow
Infected in: Argyll, Scotland