Joel Scotland

I have been chronically ill for ten months. The NHS have investigated throat cancer, lymphoma, brain lesions, brain tumours, HIV, Syphalis.  At my request they have tested for Lyme Disease.  24hrs later they told me I had tested negative fir Lyme Disease.

I saw a private specialist who told me the tests take a minimum of three weeks and that it is simply impossible for the NHS to have conducted tests in 3 days.

I saw an NHS neurologist who said the tell tale “bulls eye” rash which I had around my tick bite was not relevant and that my Central Nervous Symptoms are Functional and dissociative Neurological Symptoms.  He offered no cause for these symptoms, merely repeated back my symptoms. Lyme Disease is the cause and I now have Chronic Lyme Disease as a result of the delay.

My scans and hospital appointments must have cost our crippled NHS a fortune – meanwhile they have always given me a prescription of some sort at every visit- money straight to the US pharmaceutical companies. They want us to stay ill for as long as possible. As a business, the pharmaceutical industry is looking for long term loyal customers, not ones who take a one hit cure, and our NHS is one if their most best outlets.