Jordan Majeika-London

After comming back from a stay in Dorset i started to get a load of weird symptoms like headaches,rashes,joint clicking,tingling, fatigue, dizziness,memory loss,confusion,stiff neck and loads more.My GP just diagnosed me with depression. After researching and seeing my symptoms matched Lymes disease and finding out my aunt had caught it in Dorset I went back to the doctors who said no way have you Lymes disease and that its all in my head.After months of getting worse my mum took me to a lymes specialist who diagnosed me on symptoms and the fact i had stayed in a tick borne area.I had all the tests done and a few weeks later they came back positive for Lymes disease.After 8 weeks antibiotics i was say 5% better but they told me i need IV antibiotics to clear the infection out of my brain and central nervous system. Unfortunaley i cant afford the treatment i need.I took my results back to NHS who still say i haven’t got Lymes even after having CDC positive results all the symptoms and my aunt having it.

Current Location: London
Infected in: Dorset