Karen O’Shea Cardiff

In June 2012 I noticed a strange bite on my neck it was on the back of my neck so I couldn’t see it and was unsure if I had a rash or not. After a couple of weeks my mum looked at it as it wasn’t healing she could see something in there she squeezed it and said black bits came out, it healed up quickly after that. On 1st July 2012 I was struck down with flu like symptoms, fatigue, aching all over shooting pains down my legs and in my back, swollen lymph nodes, a temperature and a sore throat. My GP tested me for Glandular Fever which was negative, after 4-5 weeks I started to feel a little better and managed to return to work although was nowhere near as healthy as I was before my illness. In October I developed thyroid problems, an ultrasound scan confirmed a goitre and bloods revealed elevated TSH levels. In November I could no longer work as I had extreme fatigue and aches all over, hip pain, swollen lymph nodes on top of my thyroid swelling. I was in a brain fog constantly and couldn’t answer simple questions like “do you want a cup of tea?” without a long thought process. I had neck pain, sinus problems, head pressure, night sweats, gluten intolerance, numbness and tingling in my arms and legs, insomnia, rib pain, ten pounds weight loss, muscle weakness and a strange sensation that feels like my blood buzzes. Other blood tests revealed extremely low Vitamin D, vitamin B12, Ferritin, Potassium, magnesium.

I approached my GP in December as I was suspecting Lyme disease at this point. My GP requested Lyme disease testing which came back negative this was the Elisa test, I requested the western Blot as I have read that the Elisa test is worthless but this has repeatedly been denied as UK Doctors treat the unreliable test called the Elisa as if it were black and white and absolutely accurate. I finally saw an infectious disease Dr in March 2013 who dismissed my symptoms as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and has suggested that I seek Psychiatric help for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I have no idea how CFS can cause a swollen thyroid, low vitamin D & B12, low ferritin, magnesium and Potassium. As well as gluten intolerance, sinusitis, numbness and tingling in arms and legs. Currently waiting on Igenex testing form the States and also had another NHS unreliable Elisa test so will be interested to compare those results.

I have found a Lyme Literate Dr who has prescribed Doxycycline for me which has helped hugely with the symptoms it causes Herx type symptoms so further confirmation of Lyme disease. I also bought an infrared sauna which I stupidly used for 30 mins the first time hardly any sweat noted, this caused me to have a huge Herx during which I could hardly move with joint pain.

Current Location: Cardiff, Wales
Infected in: Cardiff, Wales