Linda B, Hampshire

A pinkish rash appeared on my right foot in June 2012, it was not painful I ignored it. A couple of weeks later I started experiencing tingling and numbness in my right foot. I was told I had shingles. The pain became so severe it was as if I was being electrocuted, stun gunned and burnt all at once in the foot. Within 4 weeks I was on crutches. Fortunately I had private medical insurance and was sent to a neurologist who suspected Lyme disease. I was admitted to Southampton general hospital to commence 3 weeks intravenous antibiotics. I did not have flu like symptoms, mine was mainly neurological, fatigue and memory issues. I was off work 6 months. I am still struggling with fatigue, concentration and memory problems. The pain is less severe but still controlled with medication.

Current Location: Hampshire
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