Andrew Gold – Lucky to not be worse

I got ill in May 2011 but, because I didn’t have the signature “bullseye” rash, and my Lyme aware GP was away, it took until July to get tested – and diagnosed with Lyme Disease: 10 weeks passed while I was suspected of being psychologically, not physically, ill in an area where Lyme Disease is endemic and where one of only two UK testing laboratories is located. In fact it was me that suggested it might be Lyme!

Eventually I got an apology for that, but I know of many sufferers who have similar experiences for whom this doesn’t have such a happy (if you can call it that) ending.   At first I had to follow the so-called “guidance” from the NHS / Health Protection Agency but, when that clearly didn’t work, I was hugely blessed to have a GP who was prepared to read more widely, and consult with specifically qualified colleagues, to cautiously offer, and monitor, different and more antibiotics over a longer period.

Over the course of my disease I had to retire, rendered incapable of working by ‘brain fog’ and extreme fatigue, but I think I am going to be well, and I know I am already better. If you want to read more, see my blog

Current Location: Strathconon, Highlands, UK
Infected in: My garden