Lyme wrecked my life

Bitten by a deer fly at my allotment in rural Oxfordshire. Had a bullseye rash, then became ill several months later with severe occipital headaches, stiff neck,anxiety, depression, shaking attacks, hypersensitivity, heart murmur, palpitations and arrhythmia, thyroiditis and anaemia. GP sent me off for numerous consultations, but Lyme never occurred to either of us until I started to do my own research online. Eventually referred to an NHS infectious diseases consultant, had a negative blood test and was diagnosed with CFS even though fatigue was not a symptom for me. I gave up on NHS, saw a private LLMD, got a strongly positive blood test, and started antibiotics. 4 years to diagnosis, only 2 years of inadequate antibiotics,, 2 years later am chronically ill.

Current Location: Oxfordshire
Infected in: My allotment in Oxfordshire