I’m an english single 56 year old female. At 48yrs old in 2005 i bought an old cottage in the North of Italy to renovate my self. April 5th 2008 i was bitten on the butt by a ‘zecca’ 3 months later told it was a tick bite. Went to my Italian doctor who said it was a summer cold & not to worry. In Oct still feeling very sick i insisted on a blood test, it returned positive & was given 20 days AB which did nothing.
Since then i’ve been to several Infectious disease specialists & get told comments like ‘ this women needs no more attention or medication for Lymes, does not cause tremors or hair loss!!! Change your life style!!! I live on the Alps & eat very healthily. Brain scan with damage told to ‘come back next year’
Not having much luck in Italy where i was bitten i decided to go home to the midlands & was given more AB for 2 months which nearly killed me, more from depression. Tests show swelling of my internal organs, colesterol goes up & down from 3.5 to 9, immune system very low, told take Vit D. On the 3rd (over 9 months) appointment told there was nothing they could do, Probably the colesterol giving me the problems?? My last appointment was on the 3rd May this year in Worcester uk.
I have decided not to go to any more doctors as their attitude & the way they speak to me upsets me so much it makes me sick for weeks on top of all the other problems we suffer. I think i’d rather die than ask for help again. Even if i haven’t got Lymes ‘which i know i have’ they sent a sick women home!!! How these professionals sleep at night is beyond me. I’ve been using the salt & Vit C Protocol since Xmas but still no change. Where do we go next?

Current Location: Worcester UK
Infected in: Belluno Italy