Valerie – Sheffield

My Doctors are steering me toward a private infections specialist..only trouble is there isn’t one!

Since being bitten by a tick three years ago as well as suffering flystrike from an awful lot of nasty little black flies I have had all sorts of problems. The tickbite occurred on the Derbyshire Moors. I did not notice I was carrying one till in the middle of the night. I pulled it off and left the head in. About 2 days later I went to emergency to get the head out. I was not tested for Lyme. I became ill about 3 weeks later. I think about 4-5 weeks into this I noticed streaking occurring across my stomach area which I only now recognise as similar to Bartonella.

I have had many symptoms such as a deranged liver, a whole torso strange rash, general illness and tiredness, eye infections , deafness, and panic and confusion. When I recognised the Bartonella rash on a health site it was a breakthrough for me. I told my Doctors on the phone who immediately said I would have to find a private infectious disease explanation as to why..I explained I could not find any..he appeared to be astounded at that one.

I have thought a liver problems were unexplained the closest being some sort if unknown virus, the torso rash was explained as a complicated skin condition. A grey area appears here. If I go for private treatment just who is going to monitor any damage to the liver from high doses of meds, and who is responsible for that damage should it occur? There is no joined up care here. Lack of joined up care can be a dangerous business.

What do you think my chances are of getting my doctor to put his refusal for NHS treatment in writing? What are my chances of getting some sort of care plan hammered out with the NHS to monitor private treatment. There has to be a legal loophole here on Patient safety and certainly a breach of Patient care. Has any of the forum used this? Also although there have been protest galore has anyone lobbied en mass various health commissioning bodies. I will post if I get a refusal in writing. I will then take this to the NHS patient complaints. I will take it there anyway but I would like a bit of hard evidence. Also anyone used Article 3 of the Human rights act or Article 1..which is right to life?

Current Location: Sheffield
Infected in: Derbyshire Moors