Nadine E. – Brighouse

My Lyme Story started nearly two years ago when I came back from holiday in Hungary where I had met my orchestra. I noticed a rash on my arm and went to the local surgery. They prescribed me a weeks worth of antibiotics (now I know it wasn’t enough and they didn’t even follow their own guide lines.
After a couple of months I started feeling worse and went back. My colleagues made a joke which I will never forget, that they will tell me its just an infection and to take Paracetamol, which is exactly what happened. I kept going back for months and they did not do a thing apart from making me feel like an idiot.

I then changed surgery and one of their doctor’s finally admitted that she did not know what wrong with me and referred me. Since then referrals got lost and one Specialist said I had Chronic Fatique Syndrome. I did not believe them and finally got an appointment in a private hospital which confirmed the case of Lyme Disease and started treating me.
Nearly two years later all my savings are gone and I borrowed thousands of pounds and do not know how to pay for the next part of the treatment as I not able to work anymore.
Dealing with the NHS is and was an absolute nightmare and I am the opinion that I am a case of medical negligence as if they would have given me antibiotics as per NHS guide lines after I just got bitten I would have never gotten ill.
I am scared for my life.
(This is the short version. Thanks for reading it.)

Current Location: Brighouse, West Yorkshire
Infected in: Hungary