Niiki – Lancs

I was bitten 16 months ago and over the last 12 months my life has been terrible. I am in such bad pain sometimes and my doctor will not listen. This is my second doctor and still i find when you mention lymes they don’t want to know. I have gone from being perfectly well all my life to feeling like i have just survived a car crash. My body ache’s and i am plagued by infections every couple of weeks. I keep being prescribed antibiotics to clear the infection but within weeks another problem arises. I have had scans , blood test, eye tests dental tests even a lymes test everything has come back clear. I would like another lymes test but my doctor is not convinced. All i know is my health has spiraled down hill. I can’t believe there is so much fighting to be treated for lymes. However i have found a place that are willing to help.

Current Location: Wigan Uk
Infected in: Winstanley woodland