Pam Meachin – Manchester

Back in August 2007 I went to The Lakes, Grizedale, camping with my two daughters. I arrived home with a tic on the back of my leg. Back then I was oblivious to Lyme Disease and didn’t think anything of my Husband removing the tic and carrying on with my life. January 2008 I had the worst flu I had ever had and from that it all started. I couldn’t use a knife and fork without it hurting, I could feel something pumping around my blood, I lost weight, couldn’t focus on anything for a length of time. I couldn’t remember peoples names, joint pains but every day it was somewhere different, fatigue, couldn’t walk from the car without being out of breath. I had to sleep lying up as I had heart palpitations when I lay down. Over two weeks I was at the Drs every other day telling them there was something wrong with me and I didn’t know what, they did blood tests but they came back negative. The Dr suggested a specialist as the joint pain could be Rheumatism. This lead to a bone scan, but the results where negative and he basically said it was me being paranoid.
He referred me to the Infectious Diseases, he told me Lyme wasn’t in the UK but did the tests and they came back negative.
Then a few weeks later after reading an article about Lyme Disease and realising the symptoms were exactly the same I managed to find a Dr in Bolton that was treating Lyme patients. This was done by a Microscopy, I sat there and saw on screen a few things going on in my blood. I didn’t go on to have a test which would of cost £250 to confirm it as he was willing to treat me for Lyme on hearing my story and seeing the bloods.
I then proceeded with an array of antibiotics followed by Samento and have been clear for several years.
This last five weeks though I have had two lots of flu, joint pains and fatigue, I have managed to find a test in Winchester that I am going to take as I believe that it can return after a number of years.
The Dr I had in Bolton is no longer practicing, but I need to be sure for myself that I am not heading back to the pain and sadness of Lyme.
Why is this Disease being ignored ?

Current Location: Manchester, UK
Infected in: Grizedale, Lake District, UK