2006 – I had the bulls-eye rash with flu-like symptoms but it was a couple of months before I was treated because nobody knew what the bite was. My GP/Pharmacist gave me antihistamines and it was just a fluke that a work colleague had been to Center Parks and said ‘I have seen a bite like that in a leaflet they gave us’…. I went straight back to the doctor with it and from then was referred to both a skin specialist and neurologist…blood tests were positive and I was on high-doses of Doxycyline for six weeks. During that time I have never felt so ill in my life – particularly the pain in my head from meningitis.

I feel I was extremely lucky in my treatment; I was told the antibiotic was effective because I had hardly ever taken them before – so heed warnings NOT to take unnecessary antibiotics – you never know when you will REALLY need them!

I feel greatly for those posters here who are struggling with on-going drastic symptoms after a lack of proper diagnosis- and since the disease is absolutely crippling, physically and mentally, the awareness and education of the public and the medical profession is vital.

I would like to see a sign/photos at the entrance of every country park/reserve etc. to at least make visitors aware. There is more public knowledge and medical awareness now – but not enough. The vagueness of some Lyme symptoms and negative (but actually positive) tests add to the difficulty.
Don’t get paranoid; anyone who has been bitten by an infected tick is very unlucky – I still go on country walks but I spray my clothes/boots with repellent and check my body when I return. You cannot be TOO careful!

Current Location: Upminster, Essex
Infected in: Ardennes, Belgium