Paula – Kent

In July 2005 I was bitten by a tick on my ankle, a bulls eye rash appeared and symptoms began shortly after. I didn’t know you could become so ill from a tick bite and that it could destroy your life leaving you housebound, disabled , needing a wheelchair to get around. Two years of misdiagnosis , then finally found out about Lyme Disease after discovering for myself. Gastorenterolists, Neurologists, Psychologists, Gynaecologists and many more and years of tests lead to two weeks of iv antibiotics. When treatment stopped as I was told this would make my health worse to proceed, it was stopped. Now left to get on with my life and manage symptoms, lost my job, unable to function doing household tasks, watching Lyme take more and more of me. Daily excruciating pain, twitches and violent rigors, burning, numbness, tingling all over, distended painful stomach that looks like I’m 9 months pregnant and so many more symptoms that make life challenging. You wouldn’t let an animal suffer in this way so why a human being????

Current Location: Kent
Infected in: Kent, UK