R.Black – Brentwood, Essex

My symptoms started in early 2010, though I had been suffering from fatigue and a few other symptoms for a few years prior to this which I just dismissed as “getting older”. In 2010 I was sitting down watching television one evening and suddenly out of nowhere started to have a severe panic attack, accompanied by severe burning skin, back pain, palpitations and chest pain, my whole left side was numb and my face drooped, I thought I was having a heart attack or a stroke so my husband rang for an ambulance. After many hours the hospital sent me home after various scans and finding nothing wrong and referred me back to my GP. The next morning my GP asked me if I had noticed any insect bites and said that my symptoms sounded like Lyme Disease (a condition I had never even heard of at that time). I replied no, but she sent me for a lyme test and a few others which I went and had that day. Weeks passed and symptoms persisted, I started to get joint pain, vision loss, ear ringing and many many very terrifying symptoms, I went back to my GP several times and was told that I could not possibly have so many symptoms in such a short space of time, they had also misplaced my lyme disease test results which to this day I have never seen. I changed GPs and my new doctor reluctantly sent me for another lyme test which came back negative a few weeks later. 2 months had passed by this time and I was getting rapidly worse. I saw 9 different specialists and had 4 A&E visits, each of them were baffled by my condition and started to suggest that I may need physiactric help. Things continued to decline to the point of being completely bed bound and loosing the ability to communicate properly with daily hallucinations and twitching and horrendous all over body pain. I was very close to being committed as even my family were starting to believe I was loosing the plot. It was at that point I stopped going to the NHS in fear of being locked up. It was by pure luck that I had been actively using a health forum on the internet searching for answers when I came across another patient with very similar symptoms who was eventually diagnosed with Lyme! Having remembered what my first GP initially suspected and due to my active outdoor lifestyle over the years the penny suddenly dropped, it had to be Lyme! I was eventually diagnosed by a private clinic in the UK who sent my tests to labs in the US and Germany and I tested positive for Lyme and many of the co-infections. The NHS have refused me any treatment because my NHS lyme test was negative. I am currently under the care of a doctor in the US and have made some improvements after 2 years of treatment, but still have a very long way to go. I honestly believe if it hadn’t been for the internet and the few courageous doctors who have been willing to help me, I would not be here today.

Current Location: Brentwood, Essex, UK
Infected in: Possibly the New Forest and maybe also Thailand