Raj N – Watford, Hertfordshire

I walk my dog at Merry Hill and Sherwoods Woods near Carpenders Park, Watford. My dog had a few ticks about four years ago and so I looked up the effects of tick bites on humans because I was worried my young son might get bitten because he cuddles the dog. I saw the target rash on my chest in the mirror while shaving. I immediately recognised it as the classic lyme rash. I couldn’t get an immediate appointment with my doctor so went to A&E and was given penicillin B 2wks dose.

After taking penicillin B for a week, I felt symptoms were getting worse and returned to A&E – a doctor there suggested that I attend the Tropical Diseases Clinic(UCLH) in Euston. They suggested that the correct drug to use was Doxycycline for 2wks. I felt much worse after one more week and returned to UCLH with tremors and a feeling of crawling all over my upper body. Hospitalised for three days – many tests(MRI, spinal tap, blood tests…) could not find infection. Denied further treatment because “you don’t have Lyme, and if you did we have cured it with Doxycycline”. Most symptoms were still clearly present.

After about 9 months I am 99% back to normal (you certainly appreciate how fantastic “NORMAL” after Lyme). It took large doses(4g per day) of Amoxycillin for four months.

Best wishes to all.


Current Location: Watford
Infected in: Merry Hill, Sherwoods Wood Watford