Richard – Hertfordshire

When did it start? About the 1980ish when I was living in Woodstock Vermont, U.S.A. I worked on a golf course and spent a lot of time mowing under and around bushes and trees.
I was bitten on my left hip/waist by something,maybe a deer fly but may well have been a tick (that I knew nothing of) that left a large round red target looking sore that eventually turned into a cyst,
This removed surgically two years later. It is possible that I actually carried the tick with me all that time.

What Symptoms? Well just about everything, the first thing I noticed was a sudden lethargy, as if my blood pressure had dropped rapidly. Then I started to not get on with excessive heat or cold.
I developed dreadful headaches that only went away with Demerol injections.(knock me out).
I have had Flu symptoms with out the temperature but also had one high temp episode.
Degenerating discs in lower back along with constant pain. MRI diagnosed.
Now my headaches are constant and do not go with medication.
I have constant buzzing in my head rather than ears.
I have itching skin, mainly my scalp but this also does not react to treatment.
I have the sensation of something crawling under my skin mainly on my arms and back.
It feels as if someone is trying to squeeze fluid through my muscles.
There are strange shooting pains in my femur where it was broken.
The front of my ankle has a bruised area that I have had for ten or more years, not from being hit.
I have broken blood vessels all over me (blood spots) not all at once.
I have ‘splinter hemorrhages’ under my nails
I am a large person and have always been strong(outside worker) now my muscles are strained and damaged by any reasonable exertion e.g. screwing in a screw.
My Achilles tendon had a lump on it for five years ,was very sore, to the point that walking was really difficult…This went away after a nine month cause of antibiotics!!!.
My knee locks if I stand for a short time and they grate and grind as does my Neck.
I go to bed at 1.30am-2.30am and am awake at 6.00am regularly.
I am very lethargic; my head is in turmoil, not able to concentrate on something for long.
My head has been in a ‘Fog’ for the past 29 years.
I have electric shocks, twitching muscles,
My eyes:- I find it hard to keep them in focus , All I feel like doing is going to sleep.
There is an increase of ‘floaters’.
I suffer from Tremor
Hot spots: – left side of face and ear hot to touch in comparison to other side.
I walk down a corridor and fall to my right and bounce of the walls.
I have had broken teeth and Three root canals done that still give very sharp shock pains. My gums keep blowing up and I can not shut my mouth properly.
My nose runs instantly for a minute or two then stops!!, I have a sore throat on and off , …that is not sore.
I have a cough that is in my throat, no discharge, nerve reaction.

I have been diagnosed by the NHS as having:-M.E.(nothing in writing). Possible mononucleosis. Bursitis of the elbow.
Acid reflux Cervical Spondylosis.Heart murmur Epididymal cysts Degenerating lower S4-5 L1 discs ,cold sores.

I have seen two NHS rheumatologist, an infectious diseases consultant a nerve test (lowest end of normal was the diagnosis) and psychologist (I could not be treated, was his diagnosis, after taking advice from a microbiologist ,who knew nothing of Lyme) after his consultation with the infamous “Lyme Expert”.

I have a poor ATP test (oxygen)and have a positive Melissa LTT test for Lyme and a positive clinical diagnosis and both are not good enough for the NHS. I have three Elisa (one Equivocal) and Western Blots …negative from Southampton Lab.
The NHS did find Bartonella, and Brucella,and some other indicators…but nothing to treat !!

NO treatments from the NHS as I do Not have Lyme…the tests say so.!!
Sorry about the random order but again I can not organize things. LOADS MORE no room.

Current Location: Royston
Infected in: VERMONT USA