Roger F – Suffolk

The last bank holiday weekend in August 2012, my wife noticed a red mark on my knee. I didn’t think that much of it and put it down to leaning on something for too long.  A few days later it was bigger and I went to the pharmacy to get cream for what I thought was Ringworm and thought nothing more about it.

Over September I start to feel ill and forget things, it affected my work.  I started going off sick with joint stiffness, fatigue and spells of vertigo. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

November I was getting worst and I was having big issues with my vision so I went to see an option to see if my glasses needed to be changed.  I was told I was showing signs of nerve palsy.

I looked this up on the internet and found a list of 5 possibilities.  I looked each one up in turn. Lyme Disease was the 3rd one on the list. As soon as I saw the picture of the bullseye rash, I recognised it immediately.

Beginning of December I saw a neurologist who wasn’t interested, however, my doctor went through all the history and started me on a 2 week course of antibiotics.  I fell very ill within a few days of taking them, but they seemed to help.  A week after that, all the symptoms came back, doctor put me on another 2 weeks of antibiotics which resolved the majority of the symptoms, but left me with the text book symptoms of Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome.

I have been on sleeping sedatives and citalopram on and off since January 2013.

I am certainly on the mend, but it’s taking a long time. Worst thing is people, especially at work think that you are making it up or it’s all in your head.

After tracing back the history of the symptoms, we have pinpointed 3 possible dates on which I was likely to have been bitten, all 13 weeks before I started taking the antibiotics which is why I endured the horrendous neurological effects.

Current Location: Wrentham, Suffolk, UK
Infected in: Kayaking on the Broads, Beccles, Suffolk