Rose- South Herefordshire

May 19th 2014, Took a card to my sister in law for her Birthday as I was leaving she said the foot path is open again now ( this is the path across the field to were I live) so that is the way I went home, it was very over grown had to fight my way through in places, lot of nettle stings I was wearing a skirt and flip flops.  Mistake I now know, the next evening I noticed what looked like a blob of blood near my ankle so wiped it with a tissue, yuk its got legs, strange, oh might be a tick not seen any for years, didn’t think any more about it , was bit red for a few days them cleared, but by day 7 very strange redness and swelling with a white centre near bite, did wonder if I should get it checked, didn’t so wish I had, few month later started to feel unwell fluey, kept thinking of that strange rash (my instinct telling me there a connection). Looked it up on google matched Lyme disease. went to doctors first doctor did test came back negative that s that’s don’t want to know, still getting that they just blank me not interested how it happened, WE DONT HAVE LYME TICKS HERE. Getting lots of symptoms now feeling rubbish. to scared to tell anyone else even my sister looked at me as if im mad. So want to warn others round here. Why do experts( even NHS web site ) say go to GPS when they wont even listen to how I got bite