Sandra – Kerry Republic of Ireland

I had a relatively normal life until I contracted lymes..over a year and a half ago.  I walked my two dogs daily in Killarney National Park down by the lakes where there is a native herd of red deer..  I came home one evening a had a huge red rash and bulls-eye marking on my arm and it persisted for days.  I got a really bad flu and went to my GP who told me it was an allergy.

I then went to the UK to a funeral and had headaches,stiffness and vomiting and came home with flu like symptoms for weeks…memory loss, confusion and GP told me it was mechanical pain I had and when I kept getting night sweats and rashes told me it was medication interaction..  It was only when in hospital that lymes diagnosed and it was a low titration.. false negative and then a year later I given was antibiotics.

I have attempted infection control and still the illness persists. .tremors in arms and legs, jerky movements, rigors, headaches, numbness, pain, itching, confusion, heavy limb, chronic fatigue and sleep disturbance.  I’ve been told once u get the antibiotics its considered treated… yet the symptoms go on and there is no cure.. my recent western blot showed a new infection and I haven’t been able to walk properly in ages due to pain and weakness in limbs and wasn’t near the area in over a year… this needs to be addressed in Ireland.. its a disgrace

Current Location: Cork, Ireland
Infected in: Killarney National Park,Kerry, Republic of ireland