Sarah B – Kent

My story starts in September 2011, when I thought that I was developing repetitive strain from driving to Scotland and back. I was 35 at the time, and a fit, healthy, very outdoorsy person. Within weeks I was experiencing numbness, tingling, migratory nerve pain – which was very severe at times. Many visits to the GP later, I was off to see a neurologist – who once he had decided that it wasn’t MS or a brain tumour, wasn’t remotely interested, suggested I had a “neuralgia” of unknown cause. It is here where I am luckier than most for two reasons. Firstly, I am a Vet, so I have quite a good base knowledge of such disease processes – I knew this was serious. Secondly, one of my wonderful nurses, Emma, had a sister who had been diagnosed with Lyme disease so had done lots of research. Eventually I managed to get an apt with a private Dr who started me on treatment – to which I rapidly responded. Unfortunately, because of how quickly I turned around, I did not continue researching Lyme disease, I just took the pills and got back on with my life. Six months later I suffered a huge relapse. Bedbound, crippled in agony and desperate as nothing took away the terrible pain. My GP was sympathetic, but said there was little she could do. This lasted for 4 months. As my brain fog cleared slightly, I was able to start researching what may have happened – and over the next few months and after reading many scientific papers, I was up to speed with the challenge of persistent Lyme. Finally, 6 months after relapsing, I managed to start some new medication, which – within days- reduced my pain, and now, two months in, mean that many of my days are painfree. I’m still unable to work, and some days just having a shower is all I can manage BUT some days I’m 70% back to where I was before this all happened. Thank God for the Lyme community out there, sharing wisdom. I am sure I’d still be in a wheelchair without them.

Current Location: Ashford, Kent, UK
Infected in: Nr Dunkeld, Scotland