I first became ill in 2004. Was diagnosed with ME. Initially elated to have a diagnosis until it dawned on me that all they were going to do was tell me to pace myself!! Joined a local ME group, and saw Jean Munroe from Breakspear Hospital give a talk. Booked myself an appointment and was soon diagnosed with lyme.
Then came the real battle.. all the meds!! I kept going though and by 2010 was off all the medicines and almost symptom free, just had painful joints. Started working again and running, and leading a full life.
Unfortunately around Christmas 2012 some symptoms started creeping back. Went back to Breakspear and was confirmed that it was indeed lyme. About to start back on the meds. Im feeling positive as I know how well I can be, and how much better I am that all those years ago. This is a stubborn disease..but so am I!! Good luck to all of you fighting.
All people should have the access to the treatment that I have been able to receive , and it should be on the NHS and that is why I want to support the world wide protest!

Current Location: Colchester
Infected in: Hong Kong